Online Basic Firearms Safety Course

This online Basic Firearm Safety Class will cover the safe and responsible use of firearms.

This course is tailored for beginners and intermediate shooters.

You will learn about:

  • Handgun types and operation (semi-automatics, single action and double action revolvers)
  • Techniques to load, operate, unload, and clean your firearm
  • Ammunition (types, uses)
  • How to store your firearms and ammunition
  • Kids and firearms in your home
  • Firearm ownership responsibilities and liabilities.

There is no age restriction for this online course. For any scheduled range time, I will teach minors, 12** years old and up. 

I can schedule private classes for you or a small group.

I also provide coaching on the firing range with handguns. I can work with you to improve shooting stance, accuracy and confidence. (You must schedule range time)

** I can make exceptions for mature, responsible minors who attend WITH a parent. All minors must be accompanied by a parent who also takes the class.

Because of safety concerns and limitations of online presentations, I do not have students handle any firearms during the online portion of instruction. I will demonstrate techniques and procedures using firearms and simulated ammo for discussion. Any students needing hands on experience are encouraged (STRONGLY) to schedule range time with me.

Why take this online and not in person?

Well, I would recommend you do this in person, but I can’t offer it that way right now.

What do I need to take this class?

You will need a Computer or Tablet with a camera and microphone, a GMAIL account and an internet connection.

What if I don’t have those?

Sorry I can’t offer this course without 2-way communication with the student. Please be patient and contact me again when things settle down.


* Range fees at Ben Avery have changed and I now have to meet minimums for each range. I will implement a tiered rate depending on how many student are scheduled for the range