Do you own an AR-15 type rifle or pistol?

Is it sitting gathering dust?


Are you nervous about shooting one for the first time?


Concerned by the attention and reputation they get in the media?


Have you heard the “uninformed” telling us that AR stands for “Assault Rifle” ?


Have you heard that “there is no reason anyone should own one”?


Do you want to learn first hand about this rifle; How to shoot and maintain it?

I am offering classes on this platform, here’s what you’ll learn: 

  • The basic introduction and myths of the AR-15
  • Field maintenance, take down, cleaning
  • Hands on operation 
  • Accessories and options you can add yourself
  • Ammunition, .223 vs 5.56mm and why you should care
  • Shooting and clearing stoppages 

Then you can decide for yourself if it is Evil or just Misunderstood.


Class fee is $65.00 (4 Hours, Includes range fee)

To register or request a class, use the Contact page to send me a message.