My classes are for new gun owners, new shooters, or anyone who would like to learn to handle firearms safely. I teach skills for handling, cleaning, loading, unloading, clearing stoppages, and shooting firearms, with the greatest emphasis on safety. 



Men – Anyone who wants to learn to shoot and handle guns safely, no pressure to be a “Quick Draw” or Expert Marksman, I teach safety and basic skills. Even if you’ve shot a gun before, I can still teach safe techniques that will be of benefit. 

Women – I work with ladies who want to build confidence and skills to handle and shoot firearms. I’m not a drill sergeant, I’m a regular guy who wants everyone to feel safe and learn in a safe environment. If you want to learn to handle and shoot firearms, I can help.

Minors – I REQUIRE that one/both parents also attend the class as students, no exception. I want to make the training a family experience and even if you have shot before it will make gun safety a family practice. I will permit members of the extended  family to participate on a case by case basis.

Groups – I am able to present classes to any group on gun safety, I focus on citizens exercising their 2nd amendment rights to be safe, responsible gun owners and users. I do not argue politics or promote irresponsible gun use. My classes are focused on the legal aspect of safe, responsible gun ownership.

If you would like to schedule a class with me, please contact me via the info on the Contact page. I can schedule a class for as little as one student (Range access may restrict dates).

At this time I offer:

Basic Firearms Safety – All day with classroom and range exercises.
CCW – All day with classroom and range exercises, review and discussion of AZ CCW statutes.
AR-15 – Introduction and operation.