Every year people are injured or killed by mishaps with firearms. Proper education and training is essential. If you would like to learn more about safe, responsible gun ownership and use from an NRA certified instructor and veteran. I offer classes at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility.

My basic classes are tailored for families, teens, groups or individuals that want to promote safe and responsible gun use. Classes are geared toward novice or inexperienced shooters, but all skill levels are welcome. This course does meet the requirements for an AZ CCW permit, but does not include any discussion of AZ law.

You will learn about:

·        Handgun types and operation (semi-automatics, single action and double action revolvers)

·        Techniques to load, operate, unload, and clean your firearm

·        Ammunition (types, uses)

·        How to store your firearms and ammunition

·        Kids and firearms in your home

·        Firearm ownership responsibilities and liabilities, brief overview of the AZ CCW process

·        2+ hours of live fire training

I teach minors, 12** years old and up. All minors must be accompanied by a parent who also takes the class.

I can schedule private classes for you or a small group.

I also provide coaching on the firing range with handguns. I can work with you to improve shooting stance, accuracy and confidence.

Please contact me to discuss your needs or to sign up for one of my classes.

If you need specific accommodations for a disability or those who want private instruction, please ask, I will make a reasonable effort to accommodate.

** I can make exceptions for mature, responsible minors who attend WITH a parent.


Class is $75.00 (includes range fee)